Facility Management: An Overview of Mall Operations

Mall operations is defined as an overall management and maintenance of the entire building infrastructure, including the services and utilities, ensuring that they are used in a way that are consistent with the purpose for which it was acquired or operated for.

Mall operations encompass the day-to-day running: facilities management, security, accounts, common area maintenance, marketing, publicity and promotional activities, leasing and all the other functions related to a mall. The biggest challenge in this industry is finding the right kind of tenants; while leasing out space to tenants, it is also important to keep in mind the image mat or reputation we want to create in the customer’s mind.

In Malaysia alone, there is quite a number of malls that were constructed without any long-term feasibility studies nor rigorous market researches resulting in inactive operations or becoming “white elephants”. Though initially they might be successful in attracting crowds when they were newly opened, but soon they went out of competition because they failed to convert visitors into returning or potential buyers. The simple reason was ‘failure in understanding local or community needs’.

Someone once said that one should dance per the audience’s liking, similarly it is applicable in mall operations as well. Mall developers or operators lacking in due diligence exercise on their feasibility may risk turning themselves into irrelevant or non-functional malls. Nonetheless, we have also seen new and up-and-coming generation of mall developers who are well-educated and experienced, developing malls gradually but with proper research and consultation of the experts concerned.

Gem In Mall, Cyberjaya:

At Gem In Mall, Cyberjaya, we have seen a growing phenomenon in the industry that now mostly serves the community instead of the masses. Presently, this particular business unit is managed by Mr George Edwin Jacob, General Manager of Asset & Facilities Management who commented: “The retail market is expected to continue its growth trajectory in the coming years, especially within our vicinity made up of mostly foreign expatriates, students and upcoming hospital visitors and guests.”

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