Student Accommodations: Software Changes that Propel a Customer-centric Operation

From 2012 to 2016, the student accommodations department was using primitive and traditional methods to carry out and/or to track their daily and routine duties. These methods were mostly unreliable and sometimes, could end up with higher operational costs. Additionally, there may also be possibilities of misappropriation of funds since reports and receipts were tracked manually and were bound to human errors.

With the use of manual receipts, there were long queues at the counters and it was time-consuming for both the paying students as well as the personnel handling transactions. This in turn had discouraged many students from making their payment on time due to the long waiting period at the counters.

In 2017, the student accommodations department had an upgrade to its operating system and procedures which saw the migration to GuestCentrix. GuestCentrix is a hospitality and property management system software that provides seamless solutions from PMS to POS in managing the administrative, accounting and assignment aspects within the property.

The software is user-friendly and easy-to-adapt to the daily and routine duties in administering the student accommodations. Paperwork is reduced tremendously and our personnel are much more customer-centric in their daily dealings now. Further to that, reservations, maintenance and housekeeping records are also easily managed on the software and are trackable should there be areas with issues or concerns requiring attentions.

Overall, the migration to GuestCentrix gives the student accommodations department a streamlined and systematic approach to managing the daily operations at the student accommodations, and allows for friendlier personnel in addressing the needs of students residing at the accommodations.