Customer Relations in a Student Accommodations Community

A customer is an individual who or an organization which purchases products or services, especially when done regularly, at a shop, an outlet or from a company which offers them. Customers can be divided into external and internal. Those who purchase products or services as a third party are termed as external customers, while internal customers are those who provide support for the products or services, usually within the same outfit or organization.

At our student accommodations community, we acknowledge students who reside at our accommodations, both Selesa and Eagle Residencies, as our external customers and here are some examples of our relationships with them from our hospitality management point of views:

  • A student is the MOST IMPORTANT customer in our place of business as a student accommodations provider. A student is not dependent on us, we depend on them to run the show.
  • A student is not seen as an interruption to our student accommodation business. Instead of us doing a favour of serving them, they are actually doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to serve them.
  • A student is not seen as an outsider to our business but as an important stakeholder. They are not merely there as a cold hard statistic to the accommodations, but we respect them as fellow human beings with feelings and emotions all the same.
  • A student brings his/her wants, and it is our privilege to have the opportunity to serve and try to fulfill the requirements in the most hospitable manner possible.
Last but not least, the success of our student accommodations come from our customers (i.e. students), for without them, who are we? With our dedicated team who are experienced in hospitality management, the identification and understanding of our customer needs are not complicated. As how we like our own homes to be comfortable, clean and tidy, our customers would also expect the same. Thus, we at Eagle and Selesa Residencies aim to continuously create an enjoyable living environment that will become testimonies that our customers can share with others too.