Student Accommodations: Value-Added Hospitality Services

The student accommodations team is excited to kickstart its value-added hospitality services to serve the needs of residents at Mutiara Ville, mostly made up of students and educators. Beginning end of September 2018, the team will be providing its cleaning services led by an experienced Housekeeping Supervisor in managing housekeeping operations and assisted by about 4 attendants. The indoor cleaning services are expected to be on a weekly basis, up to 4 times in a month, and are rendered upon advance applied requests by residents at affordable fees.

Apart from the newly added cleaning services, the student accommodations team has also put in place free WiFi connectivity with broadband service by Time. The present coverage area is within the common lobby and cafeteria with speed up to 50mps. No registrations are necessary at this point of time for residents’ usage within the coverage area. The team hopes that they will be able to upgrade progressively to cater to the overall student accommodations vicinity in the near future.