Signing Ceremony with Badminton Asia

Badminton Asia and Seri Mutiara Development announced their partnership on October 3rd, 2017 where the alliance will see Badminton Asia moving its operational offices to Mutiara World, an integrated development project by Seri Mutiara Development. Seri Mutiara Development will be building training facilities and a “Hall of Fame” for Badminton Asia as additional supplementary elements to the partnership. In return, Badminton Asia committed to holding key events, training and sports development activities at Mutiara World.

As part of the partnership, Badminton Asia will have the opportunity to fully leverage on the state-of-the-art facilities and amenities that will be made available upon the completion of Mutiara World. Making use of the extensive and intricate network of sports and entertainment groups that will form the core of Mutiara World’s key unique selling propositions, Badminton Asia will have access to facilities which include an indoor arena with seating capacity of up to 13,ooo, gym facilities and physiotherapy centre.

The partnership will also allow Seri Mutiara Development to reach a wider audience via its strategic partnership with Badminton Asia which is also known as the confederation for the region’s top sports. Additionally, it augurs well for the Mutiara World development project as Badminton Asia will introduce a new event in 2018 – the Asian Team Championships, which is expected to expand its footprints across the region as it becomes more dynamic under the leadership of its President, Anton Aditya Subowo The objective of having a base of operations in Mutiara World for administration, training and high-performance facilities is to enable greater achievements in the badminton sporting standards.