Mutiara Ville : Handing Over of Block H & I Duplex Units

The completion of Block H & I of Mutiara Ville marked the beginning of a buzzing period for our Customer Service Management team. Appointments for handover of the duplex units were scheduled as early as October 2017. The handover documentation a total of 340 units were carefully for processed and overseen by the 6-member strong team as they welcomed eager homebuyers to their new homes.

The team, headed by Ms Elaine Tan, has set up a standard operating procedure for handling customers, allowing a seamless handover experience for each and every homebuyer.  The team received positive feedback and displayed a commendable representation of Seri Mutiara Development. The homebuyers particularly appreciated that information was readily available and the Customer Relationship team members were patient and willing to go the extra mile by assisting homebuyers to go through each section of the documentation in detail.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team for their diligence and effort in contributing towards Seri Mutiara Development’s reputation in their customer experience initiatives.