Seri Mutiara Champions Cup 2017


The Seri Mutiara Champions Cup that was held from the 14th to 18th of September truly delivered its of thrills and spills with a hugely competitive array of talent on show which included ex NBA players and national players playing for established championship teams of their respective nations. Top teams and champions their national leagues from nations such as China, Nigeria Croatia, Japan, Malaysia and Korea formed the line-up with each team assembling formidable squads to stamp their mark on the illustrious international tournament.

Fluid teamwork and explosive individual talents from the players drew in throngs of spectators over the course of the event had the MABA Stadium reaching full capacity during the finals. The finals of the tournament finished with an intense battle between China’s Beijing BRCB Fly Dragons from the CBA and Croatia’s KK Split from the EuroLeague. The latter led by 5 points at half time but the Chinese came out stronger in the second half and ultimately won the game to become the champions of the tournament.

The nonstop nail-biting action was a spectator dream with international broadcasting of the event totalling 128 hours of coverage globally to 65 million total viewers.