King Henry VIII College

A Venerable 475-Year old Tradition & A Legacy of Educational Excellence.

Christ College, Brecon in mid-Wales is a prestigious educational institution found by Royal Charter in 1541 by King Henry VIII and nurtures a historic 475-year old heritage. The School is recognized amongst the top 3 of all UK Independent Schools in terms of Value-for-Money by the Financial Times newspaper and caters for pupils aged 7-18 years.

In February 2011, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education & Training in Wales made an official declaration proclaiming Christ College’s academic performance to be excellent, the highest honor and grade that can be bestowed and awarded to any educational institution in UK. That notwithstanding, we at Christ College value no less the endorsement of the public, the parents and the children. This is aptly summed up in the affirmation by the 2016 Good Schools Guide that Christ College, Brecon is “above all else a school that warrants admiration, loyalty and trust”.

Christ College, Brecon, is a co-educational, boarding and day independent school, located in the market town of Brecon in mid-Wales catering for pupils aged 7-18 years.

This astounding statistics speak volumes in testifying to the highest exemplary standards of educational excellence and achievements that Christ college is highly acclaimed for.

In 2015, 92.4% of GCSE grades were A-Star to C, with 46% at A-Star or A grades. Additionally with the A-Levels, 55.7% of results were at A-star or A grade, whilst the overall pass rate was at 99.5% and this placed them in the top 100 schools in the Daily Telegraph. Christ College have always had their bright pupils moving onto Oxford, Cambridge and the top medical schools.

Christ College enjoys a reputation as one of the oldest independent schools in Britain, with many students from the local area, the UK and international nations like China, Germany, Spain,, Japan and the USA. In September 2014, the school extended the age range that it caters for when it welcomed pupils aged 7-11 into its new Junior section, St Nicholas House.

And now, for the first time in its grand history, the Christ College insignia will be stamped proudly on the walls of its new sibling school in the heart of Cyberjaya, the Silicon Valley of Malaysia.

Flying under the banner of a new name, King Henry VIII, the royal founder of Christ College, Brecon, this School will carry the quintessential ethos, and the very DNA, of Christ College. King Henry VIII college is the result of a dynamic, strategic, partnership between Christ College and the Seri Mutiara Group Malaysia, a dynamic Group whose investments portfolio has grown phenomenally within a relatively short span of time to see it building a global presence.