Staying Way Ahead with Kingswright Institute of Hair and Beauty

Hair and Beauty aficinados aspiring to carve a niche for themselves in this glamorous industry now have reason to holler with glee and jubilation. The bright beacon of light comes in the timely shape and form of a First-of-its-kind Cosmetology Institute in Malaysia right in our own silicon valley of Cyberjaya.

The Kingswright Institute of Hair and Beauty, the largest in South East Asia, is a strategic partnership between SM International Cosmetology Sdn Bhd and the trend-setting, highly-acclaimed Juno Academy of South Korea. It has officially opened its doors in grand fashion for its first intake of students enamored with the prospect of fulfilling their ambitions as professional hairstylists or beauticians in the cosmetology industry. The Juno Academy is the largest and most prestigious cosmetology academy in South Korea with 120 salons and has garnered numerous top awards in the international hair and beauty arena. The partnership with Juno Academy, one of the industry’s top leaders, is further enhanced and extended in its affiliation with two of the biggest brands in the market, namely Wella and L’Oreal Professionnel. These strategic partnerships and affiliations with global industry leaders are a clear testament to Kingswright’s commitment to provide only the best hair and beauty education of the highest international standards.

Kingswright offers a solid and realistic platform for would be, aspiring hairdressers to pursue and realize their dreams, ambitions, and careers to actively change their lives positively so as to reap the fruits of their labor and be successful in their endeavors.

It was set up primarily to provide the latest and the best hairdressing education for the younger generations under the tutelage and guidance of leading international experts-cum-educators in the cosmetology industry who would be responsible for nurturing and developing the skills of these young echelons.

Students enrolling with Kingswright will have the opportunity, and the distinction of gathering the finest cosmetology education second to none in the world. Endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education[MOE], Kingswright will groom the new hopefuls into becoming the best in this profession.

Working with a panel of associate salons across Malaysia, Singapore and Korea, Kingswright places their students in real-life, hands-on situations through the invigorating 6-month apprenticeship placements at reputable salons besides the courses that are conducted at the Kingswright Institute. To date, SM International Cosmetology Sdn Bhd has already invested no less than RM3.2 million in their Kingswright Institute, which is situated in our own Gem In Mall in the heart of Cyberjaya.

The Kingswright Institute is sprawled across 15,000 square feet of space in the Group’s own Gem In Mall in Cyberjaya to easily accommodate at least 200 students at one go. That aside, it is also outfitted with the latest and the best hair and beauty technology, equipment and amenities. On the education side, the Kingswright Institute has its own leading international educators from the Juno Academy who will be in attendance throughout to conduct all their courses, with the able assistance of local educators. For those who are eager to get groomed for a great career in this industry, get ready to enter the threshold into a new glorious era at the Kingswright Institute of Hair and Beauty!